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Paid Ads: Online Retailer

We turned £2.4k ad spend into £56.6k revenue using social media ads for this leading children's retailer.


A leading online children’s retailer approached TANGA Digital to diversify their online marketing strategy. After solidifying their presence on Google AdWords and Display Network, the focus was on venturing into paid social advertising. The client’s previous agency failed to achieve this and therefore, TANGA Digital was onboarded.


With increased competition in the children’s retail industry, it has become imperative to have a multifaceted advertising strategy, which is what we were tasked to deliver. Our challenge was to increase paid social KPIs, product purchases and website traffic amidst economic uncertainty, as well as maximising ROI. After a period of stagnation with the previous agency, TANGA Digital was tasked with increasing the client’s overall brand awareness and solidifying their market position.


Taking management of the client’s accounts, we focused on Facebook and Instagram. Our process began with a complete dissection and restructuring of their Facebook Business Manager account, and all its associated data sources. This preparatory step allowed us to set in place our best practise campaign structuring, as well as starting completely afresh. 

Phase two was to run a series of initial data and customer acquisition campaigns. These took place over a period of two months, in which we split test all campaign elements - from audience demographics, creative, placements, budget optimisation and ad copy, plus many more. Our approach has and always been centred around data driven decision making, through this process we were able to achieve some terrific results.



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