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PPC: Executive Search Firm

Our LinkedIn and Google Ads achieved 641k impressions for this leading European headhunting firm.


A leading european digital headhunting and executive firm, (name withheld for data protection) had been externally managing an AdWords PPC account for over a year via an incumbent agency. Through this platform they had previously experienced success because of their expertise and unique market position. 


The client’s competitors had begun to advertise on AdWords in increasing volume and intensity, which gradually resulted in lower ad positioning, Google indexing and greater competition for key search terms. Their account quickly became more expensive with declining ROI and KPI performance. After several months of steady account stagnation, TANGA Digital was brought in to increase brand awareness and help the client regain market position through PPC.


Our approach was to rebuild the client’s entire AdWords account, starting from the ground up. For maximum market coverage and visibility, the new account was set up with five bespoke campaigns that were targeted at specific demographics and copywritten with them in mind. As a two-pronged approach, the Google AdWords campaigns consistently brought in the search and display traffic, whilst the LinkedIn ads simultaneously brought in the vetted traffic from key decision makers in the client's industry.


Campaign duraton: 3 months

The figures below are from the six month TANGA Digital campaigns, compared with the campaigns from the previous six months by the previous agency.


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