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5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Stories in 2022

Facebook Stories is a simple and effective way to market on Facebook. Check out the top reasons why small businesses should not let this opportunity go.


Social media platforms have evolved big time. The new features and tools they add have made things easier for social media marketing around the world. One such feature is Facebook Stories that was launched in 2017. Small businesses can use Facebook Stories to generate solid social media marketing results in 2021. Wonder how Facebook Stories can help them achieve that? Here are the five perfect reasons one must never ignore Facebook Stories.

Stories are Successful

Over 500 million people use Facebook Stories every day in 2021. Launched in 2017, Facebook Stories went over the 150 million users mark in just 14 months. The immense popularity of the Facebook feature caught the attention of brands already marketing on the platform. Facebook Stories has helped them go beyond promotion and develop a stronger connection with their target audience. In other words, they have developed a more personal relationship with the audience.

Appear on Top of the Newsfeed

Facebook Stories gives small businesses a prominent location to advertise online. Since Facebook Stories appear on the top of the newsfeed, users are more likely to notice and open them. Not just on mobile devices, Facebook Stories get prominent placement in the desktop version. This makes it easier to grab user attention. The Stories remain at the top for 24 hours, giving businesses ample opportunity to make an impression.

Stories Generate More Engagement

Want to generate more engagement for your Facebook marketing campaigns? Create more Facebook Stories! Since Stories are easier to find and are not subject to Facebook algorithms, your audience can engage with them effectively. Small businesses can leverage creative freedom and make the Stories more interesting. You get built-in creative tools like filters, masks, and effects that help make the content more authentic and compelling to your audience.

Takes the Audience Behind the Scenes

Small businesses thrive on the trust their audience shows in them. To bolster the confidence and customer-business relationship, you can use Facebook Stories to take your audience behind the scenes. It allows them to find out more about your business and show the human side of your brand. Facebook Stories is a perfect way to build interest in your brand.

Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy

Lastly, you don’t need to create a huge marketing budget to advertise on Facebook Stories. Small businesses that cannot afford high-quality post-production videos can rely on Stories’ informal setting. All they have to make sure is to create content that makes the audience curious. There is no need for graphic designers too! Just use the built-in features and effects, and you are good to go.

Keep Reading!

Now that you know everything about Facebook Stories, you are all set to put the strategy to use. Facebook Stories gives small businesses an excellent opportunity to leverage videos and storytelling to make their social media marketing strategy extremely powerful. We highly recommend they start small and use Facebook Stories as a medium to connect better with their target audience. Need help with Facebook advertising? Connect with us today!


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